Asian Tech Vision


Why Vietnam?

Soon to be south-east Asia’s fastest growing economy, scientific development and application has become one of Vietnam’s top national priorities. With a youthful average population age of 28 and an abundant supply of skilled labour, the country has put the development of quality human resources with scientific and technological advances as a top priority. Vietnam enjoys major government sponsorship and investment in the IT sector; with many multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Sony already outsourcing here, it has built a strong reputation for safe, reliable and cost-effective business. 

Message from the



Truong Dinh Hoang


What is the key to Asian Tech’s success?

Our principle is simple - our people are our greatest assets. We all work together as one big Asian Tech family. How can every employee grow to his or her maximum potential? How can the lives of all the employees’ families be improved? It is with these questions in mind that I enter the office everyday.
The answers to these questions are what fuels engineer motivation and drives every project at Asian Tech forward. We want to engage with our clients both professionally and personally, working on every project together as a team, step-by-step. This is the way in which we treat our clients’ ideas as our own and complete the development process from start to finish with great care and pride. These values will remain at the heart of every Asian Tech engineer for years to come: we never want to stop learning and growing.


How has your experience in Japan influenced your work at Asian Tech?

My 12 years’ experience living in Japan, 9 of which I worked at a Japanese IT company, were invaluable to the development of the Asian Tech ethos.
What inspired me daily whilst working alongside my Japanese colleagues is that they always work with the greatest pride and professionalism, no matter how small or insignificant the task. However, there were problems that I encountered daily, too. The inefficiency and ineffectiveness of management methods wasted a lot of skilled resources, further accentuated by the lack of professional and skilled engineers in Japan in the first place.
In my management of Asian Tech, I want to inspire the Vietnamese engineers with the hard work, professionalism and eye for detail of the Japanese working style. But more importantly, I want every engineer to combine these qualities with their world class technological skills and with their inherent passion for learning and self-development.

  • Asian Tech is born in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • The big move to Da Nang. These early days saw around 15 Asian Tech employees frequenting CEO Hoang’s family home, using the third floor office as company headquarters.

  • Asian Tech headquarters moves from Hoang’s house to Indochina Riverside Towers in central Da Nang city.

  • The combination of interns and full-time employees brings the Asian Tech total to 100.

  • With the number of employees reaching a record 200 (and growing!), the headquarters moves from Indochina to a brand spanking new office in a swoosh Da Nang business park.

  • Capital investment from Sekai Lab Pte. Ltd., Japan, enters Asian Tech into a global network of software development companies.